19 Jul 2022

  Dear Valued Clients, We are pleased to announce that we have tested and deployed the lasted Windows Server 2022 Operating System on all our hypervisor clusters ready for your deployment! The following notable improvements/features can be expected from the new Windows Server version 2022 Standard: Improved Security: Hypervisor-based code integrity Secured-Core...

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15 Jul 2022

Dear Valued Client, Be advised that we will be increasing the price of Additional IPv4 Addresses. The price increase is due to the Global IPv4 Exhaustion and to align our assignments to industry standards by means of combating the extremely high volume of abusive orders which we have been receiving. As such, effective immediately for new orders and August 1st, 2022 for existing...

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1 Dec 2021

Dear Customers, As the year 2021 finally draws to an end, we are sure that everyone can agree 2021 has been a year worth remembrance for all the hardships and challenges which we all had to face and adapt to. Its with this, that The iveCloud Team would like to extend our thanks and sincere gratitude to each and everyone of our devoted patrons for your loyalty and continued support...

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1 Jul 2021

Dear Customers, With POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act) now in effect, we understand that data privacy is on everyone’s mind! Here’s what we are doing to keep your data safe. At iveCloud, we are committed to protecting your data in accordance with the laws and best practices highlighted in the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). Per the current POPIA...

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1 Mar 2021

Dear Valued Customer, Over the past few years, IVECloud has been committed to providing you with the best pricing for your hosting solutions. As such, we were always determined to avoid the headache in raising our pricing towards our beloved clientele. This year we have revised our prices to balance increases against a continued commitment to investment so that we are able to...

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1 Feb 2021

  World-Wide Anti-Spam Service "SpamCop" Causing Havoc! Have you received a bounce back email today while conducting regular business? The cause of this may be due to the World-Wide Anti-Spam Service “SpamCop” suffering an outage after its domain name [] was mistakenly allowed to expire which resulted in major email issues for thousands of Web Hosting...

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2 Aug 2020

Dear Value Clients, Please note that some Virtual Private Server pricing will be adjusted in accordance with our March 2020 price increases. The increase was announced to take effect from August 1st, 2020. Invoices for the month of August 2020 will reflect the new adjusted pricing. We thank you for your continuous support! Regards, iveCloud

28 Jan 2020

Resellers, We are writing to advise you of a potential security vulnerability when htaccess directives are not enforced appropriately for WHMCS. This most commonly occurs in web server environments such as nginx. Affected Versions WHMCS 6.0 and later How to tell if you're affected If the following file is readable from a web browser, then you need to investigate and apply...

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28 Jun 2019

Valued Clients! We are pleased to inform our clients that we have carried out a lot of bug fixes and improvements to our client area for your convince. Some changes that has been applied: -    Our identity has been fully integrated to our Ozone by exposing our true brand colours, our own brand is recognized as Orange and Grey. We now have changed our entire Ozone to reflect these colours...

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25 Apr 2019

Our Affiliates Program Has Been Halted! It has been brought to our attention that our affiliates program had been abused by our network of registered affiliates. In the last two months we had seen an increase in revenues generated by a few members of our affiliates network; however, these revenues had been obtained in an illegal manner which violates our terms and conditions on several...

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