World-Wide Anti-Spam Service "SpamCop" Causing Havoc!

1 Feb 2021

SpamCop Anti-Spam Service


World-Wide Anti-Spam Service "SpamCop" Causing Havoc!

Have you received a bounce back email today while conducting regular business?

The cause of this may be due to the World-Wide Anti-Spam Service “SpamCop” suffering an outage after its domain name [] was mistakenly allowed to expire which resulted in major email issues for thousands of Web Hosting Providers around the world using their RBL (Real-time Blackhole List) to block SPAM.

IVECloud has disabled the use of the SpamCop Anti-spam service until further confirmation is received that the issue has been resolved before reactivating it on all our private and shared hosting servers.

Clients with self-managed servers are encouraged to follow our lead and disabled the RBL to avoid continuous bounce backs. You can disable the service with WHM, Exim Configuration -> RBL and turn off

Furthermore, sending emails to clients hosted on a provider who has not disabled the service will still result in bounce backs. Generally speaking, this is out of our control.

Herewith some resources where you can read the full story:

Thank you for your understanding and if you have any further queries feel free to contact our support team.