Price Increase Notification 2021

1 Mar 2021

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Dear Valued Customer,

Over the past few years, IVECloud has been committed to providing you with the best pricing for your hosting solutions. As such, we were always determined to avoid the headache in raising our pricing towards our beloved clientele.

This year we have revised our prices to balance increases against a continued commitment to investment so that we are able to offer our high level of support and infrastructure reliability you expect from us.

As we are aware of the burden that the Covid-19 pandemic has placed on all of us, we have tried our best to protect you from price increases wherever possible. Our costs have increased in line with annual vendor increases.

A price increase will, therefore, be implemented on some of our products/services.


The increase will affect the following products/services:

- cPanel Web Hosting (Monthly & Annual Plans)

- International Domain TLD Extensions.

- Local & International VPS Servers

* Our Reseller Web Hosting remains unaffected by the increase at this stage.


For all existing products/services: effective date is April 1st, 2021 as reflected by your invoice on March 18, 2021.

For all new signups on our website, the price increase is effective immediately.

You may login to review your new monthly premium of affected product/services via our client area


Should you have any questions or concerns relating to this increase, kindly chat with one of our friendly Live Chat Support staff on our website or email our Accounts Department at


IVECloud Management.