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Windows Server 2022 OS - Now Available

19 Jul 2022

  Dear Valued Clients, We are pleased to announce that we have tested and deployed the lasted Windows Server 2022 Operating System on all our hypervisor clusters ready for your deployment! The following notable improvements/features can be expected from the new Windows Server version 2022 Standard: Improved Security: Hypervisor-based ... Read More »

IPv4 Address Price Increase

15 Jul 2022

Dear Valued Client, Be advised that we will be increasing the price of Additional IPv4 Addresses. The price increase is due to the Global IPv4 Exhaustion and to align our assignments to industry standards by means of combating the extremely high volume of abusive orders which we have been receiving. As such, effective immediately for new orders ... Read More »

Thank you & Happy Holidays!

1 Dec 2021

Dear Customers, As the year 2021 finally draws to an end, we are sure that everyone can agree 2021 has been a year worth remembrance for all the hardships and challenges which we all had to face and adapt to. Its with this, that The iveCloud Team would like to extend our thanks and sincere gratitude to each and everyone of our devoted patrons ... Read More »